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So let's look at the first point. There are different types of breeders you can get your cat from. The first one is a professional breeder and the second is an amateur. Obviously you can't expect to pay the same price for your Bengal cat related to Bengal Cat Breeders Indiana if you are getting it from an amateur breeder and if you are getting it from a reputable breeder. The price for a Bengal kitten from a reputable breeder can range anywhere from 900 to 2500 USD and up. The amateurs can sell you a Bengal for as low as 500 USD or even lower. If you are getting your cat from a professional breeder you can always be sure in its ancestry and genealogy.

Another aspect that affects the price of Bengal cats is their type. So for example you can get an ordinary pet quality Bengal for a price as low as 1000 USD or around it if you are getting your cat from a professional breeder. These cats are excellent pet Bengals but they are not fit for breeding either because they have some irregularities in color or due to other minor defects that don't affect their health in any way. For the same reason these Bengals can't participate in shows. For a higher price you can get a Bengal cat that can participate in various cat shows. The price for these Bengals should be in the range of around 1500 USD. However these cats will most likely not be able to participate in breeding programs because they are normally sterilized for various reasons. On the other hand if you would like to start breeding Bengals then expect to pay the highest price tag since this are the most expensive types of Bengals you can get. The price of anywhere from 2500 USD and up for each of your Bengal queens is a good estimate and will depend on the exact pattern color, ancestry and other things. Male breeder Bengal cats, or studs, cost significantly more. Their price may be around 3500 USD and will depend on many factors.

You need to be aware that there are also scams that pose as professional Bengal breeders but in fact breed ordinary cats that may not have anything in common with Bengal cats. Please check various cat associations for a list of registered breeders and ask supporting papers from breeders when purchasing your cat. This is the only way to guarantee a successful purchase and a troublesome future. Also before buying a cat I would suggest purchasing a Bengal cat guide.

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