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Cat aggression towards owners can be a widespread dilemma and can be quite distressing, as well as painful! There are a range of reasons why your cat might be doing this. If you can discover the cause, then a option is more likely to work.

If your Grumpy Cats Breed has recently become ambitious, he or she could be in pain. No doubt you are very grumpy when you have a headache or toothache, and cats can experience these items too. If your cat has a condition like osteoarthritis, it may be more uncomfortable later in the day, and this could be when she becomes ambitious.

If your cat is fairly young, he or she may actually be playing with you. Kittens are most likely to play fight. Concepts suggest that it helps kittens to bolster their muscles, build eye-muscle coordination and learn soft social play. Since the kittens become older, the amount of play aggression increases and gets rougher, eventually leading to the dispersion of the litter. Owners typically find young cats sneaking up, biting and ambushing passing ankles instead.

You will need to redirect the cat's behavior towards inanimate objects as opposed to you through productive play with toys that move. When the cat becomes ambitious, a squirt of water or startle noise can help them learn not to attack you. You might consider introducing another cat of about the same age so that the play occurs between the cats as opposed to involving you.

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