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When you first bring your new puppy home, they may experience some nervousness in their new environment. Everything from new sights, smells and people can be peculiar to your new puppy. You should allow them to explore their new surroundings and encourage them to play. Speaking quietly and calmly can help ease some nervousness and accommodate them to your voice. With a little patience, your new puppy will soon become acclimated to their new environment and enjoying their new home.

Purchasing a playpen will come in handy at night and at times where you can not keep a good eye on your dog. Keeping your puppy in a playpen is not cruel; it only keeps them from getting into trouble when you can't keep a proper watch over your dog. Remember, puppy's can cause mischief faster than you can blink!

A good size playpen for toy breed puppies is about 3' x 5'. Even a bit smaller size playpen will suffice. The point is to give your new puppy a nice place sleep and play, along with an area to go potty. Any larger, and your puppy can confuse where they sleep and where they use the bathroom. A bed for small dogs along with some soft baby blankets will be adequate for a sleep and play area. Also give your new pup some plush toys specifically for small dogs to play with. On the opposite side of the playpen, place a puppy potty pad or a few pieces of newspaper for them to handle their bathroom business. It is important to keep the bathroom area as far away from the sleep and play area. This helps them to discern where they should sleep and where they should go potty. A nice gadget to go along with the puppy potty pads is a potty pad holder. These work excellent on preventing them from shredding up newspapers and pee pads.

When it comes to bed time, your puppy include PUPPY TRAINING CHARLOTTE NC will be accustomed to sleeping with their brothers and sisters. The abruptness of sleeping alone can invoke a feeling of loneliness causing them to cry for the first few nights. When your puppy cries out, simply touch their nose and tell them 'no' in a soft but stern voice. Many people make the mistake of running to hold their puppy as soon as they hear crying. However, you are actually letting them know that crying gets them what they want.

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