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Despite various other theories about its origin, Siamese cats really did originate in Siam (now Thailand) many hundred years ago. Cats with similar pointed markings feature in the Cat Book Poems, a manuscript saved from Ayuda, the old capital of Siam, which was burned down in 1767. It is the best known of a number of manuscripts that provide a record of the native cats, dogs and birds of the region at that time.

The Siamese pattern was later recorded in Russia by the naturalist Simon Pallas, in 1793. However, the cats he encountered were of much darker colouring. This could be clarified by the fact that the Siamese points darken in colder climates. It is not known whether the Russian cats were descended from original Siamese imports, or whether the Siamese gene mutation (now commonly known as the Himalayan gene) had occupied naturally in Russia.

Siamese cats or Siamese Cat Price were already in Britain before 1871, for in that year they featured at the first National Cat Show in London. There were many stories about their origin and at one time they were labeled as 'an unnatural, nightmare kind of cat.' Nevertheless, their popularity grew and specimens were taken to America around 1890. The body shape of the Siamese has altered considerably over the years as breeders and judges select ever more extreme 'Oriental' type. Breeders have developed a wide variety of coast colours and patterns. The Himalayan gene carried by the Siamese (and other pointed cats) causes dilution of any particular colour. Hence there is no black Siamese because the colour is diluted to a very dark brown, called Seal. Siamese have also produced the Oriental varieties which are, in effect, 'non-pointed' Siamese.

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