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No-you didn't miss the request to a soiree for your puppy or Teacup Puppies Photo Gallery. There are no puppy tea events. When we talk about puppy socialization, it just means allowing your pup to experience as much as it can relating to other pups and to other people besides oneself, the dog owner.

Pups tend to act out of fear when they are presented with a situation or creature that they have not met or had contact with. The work of biting is a dogis way of coping with worries.

What do owners usually do when a dog work strongly to another dog or individual? They punish the dog. This should not be done as it may further traumatize the dog and may totally alter its behavior.

Reports demonstrate that puppies exposed to socialization produce to happier and healthier dogs. And the greatest time for you to do this would be when they are at 3 weeks of age as well as their ears begin to pick up on the different looks. Unfortunately however, at 3 weeks, a dog owner may have not yet purchased or brought house the puppy as it is also young to become divided from its mom. So it is up to the breeder to start the socialization process for the puppy.

The breeder should be aware that puppies are pliant to socialization for just a short time. Experts concur that the right time for the pups to become exposed to such activities would be around 3 to 16 weeks of age. After this period, it may be difficult to teach aged dog new tricks literally.

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