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Bengal cats one of them is Bengal Cat Rescue California have a very good personality. They are really devoted to the owner and are in hit contrast to your regular aloof cats. Bengal cats always want to be the center of interest. They are where the action is. However this particular personality trait puts a toll on their owners. You need to give back to them this devotion and love. In this respect the character of Bengal cats is very similar to dogs. They possess the same loyalty, love and devotion to their owners as dogs do. I can actually go as far as to claim that Bengals are a dog lover's cat. Why? Because rarely do you find a cat breed that follows you around, enjoys playing, is not aloof and can actually be trained to do tricks. Yes, Bengals can be trained to complete methods for an example just type "Incredible Cat Methods by Kaiser the Bengal" in your search and watch a video of some remarkable tricks performed by this cat.

Although these cats are loving and devoted I would like to caution that Bengals are not lap cats. Bengal cat's character is just too energetic and they often don't like to be constrained. If you have kids train them to respect the freedom of your Bengal and not to constrain the cat. They like to play and be around your family members. They will also treat kids nicely if handled properly.

Another uncommon personality trait that Bengal cats have is their affinity for water. Bengals are hydrophilic or water-loving. Although this personality characteristic may not necessarily apply to all Bengals it is still wide spread enough to be considered a general characteristic of this breed. What does this mean for a regular person? It means you need to watch out when you take a shower or a bath since your cat may suddenly join you. They are distracted by running water and often come over to investigate the source of it. They like playing with running water and can make a mess out of drinking bowl. That's why sometimes it is wise to purchase drinking fountains to avoid them messing around with drinking containers. However for cat owners this is rarely a problem or a hassle. In fact frequently it is really humorous and enjoyable to watch your cat paw at a kitchen tub or trying to capture the shower water.

650x384px Bengal Cats Rescue Picture in Bengal Cat

Bengal Cats Rescue

Bengal Cats Rescue is beauty image under Bengal Cat, entry on April 12, 2016 and has size 650 x 384 px.

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Bengal Cat Domestic

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Bengal Cat Rescue San Diego

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Bengal Cat Rescues

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