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Every year more than 4.7 million Americans suffer injury from a dog bite or dog attack, and nearly 800,000 require medical attention. Close to 50, 000 dog attack victims require hospitalization for their care. A severe dog bite attack can leave a person with devastating, life-changing injuries. A person who has suffered severe dog bite injuries may face a hospital stay and possible multiple plastic surgeries to restore appearance and reduce scarring. Treatment can agonizing, and expensive.

Seventy percent of the victims of serious dog bite and dog attack injuries who require hospitalization are children, and about 70 percent of those who die from dog bites are children.

About half of all children in the US will be bitten by a dog before they are 18. Among children, the group suffering the highest incidence of dog attacks is 5 to 9-year-old boys. Dog bite injuries are the third leading cause of emergency admission of children to hospitals.

Dog bites are increasing faster than dog ownership. Between 1986 and the present, dog ownership increased 2 per cent, and dog bites requiring medical treatment increased 36 per cent. The elderly have a higher rate of dog attacks, as do service workers such as mail carriers, other delivery persons, meter readers, home health aides, and others who make house calls, and are therefore more exposed to dogs related to Lovely Rottweiler Photo Collection

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