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Owning a ragdoll cat or Ragdolls Cats should be a very satisfying partnership on both sides, yours because the ragdoll is cute, fluffy and likes cuddling upto you, and the theirs because they get to look cute, fluffy and cuddle up to you.

Ragdoll cats are really quite cute creatures, generally quite attached to their owners, and exhibit this attachment by following them around for days at a time. Attempting to hide from a ragdoll cat is futile, as they will seek you out and punish you with further snuggles.

So owning a ragdoll cat is inviting a wonderfully loving friend into your home, amazing, but desperate. They are not an independent cat, they do not wander off for days at a time, they do not leave; only to return for dinner, instead they remain close to those they love, rarely leaving their side and insisting upon as much as focus as you choose to give them.

You may not own a ragdoll cat, it is part of your family, it is a close (furry) friend, which refuses to be seen as property, the ragdoll cat does not promote ownership, but love and devotion. Whether anyone can really own a cat in any way is something to be debated, a dog perhaps, but a cat, especially a ragdoll cat, chooses to live with you, not the other way around.

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