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Siamese Cat For Adoption is terrific feline. Their past is a little sketchy as nobody understands the precise location of their origin. It is believed that they came from Southeast Asia and also are descendents of the afraid temple felines of Siam (Thailand.).

Today's Siamese feline nearly appears like it landed right here from celestial spaces. It is longer, slim, has an angular pointed face and large ears. The traditional Siamese (known as the applehead) had a round head, almond-shaped blue eyes and were of fairly strong develop.

Let's go back in history for a bit and trace the origin of the Siamese from whence it became known to the western world approximately contemporary times. Back in the late 1700's in southern Russia, some photos of a feline with Siamese markings was discovered by a guy named Mr. Pallas, however it was not up until the late 1800's that anything can be documented.

In 1884 a British-Consul-General was given Siamese feline by the Siamese king as a parting gift. This was considered a great gift as the cat had been bred in the royal palace.

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