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Siamese can be loyal, obsessively loyal. Siamese are smart, although there's the occasional exception (or maybe it's just pretending) Siamese cats are often talkative; they appear to understand you even if they choose to be a little deaf at times. Siamese cats and cats have character, no bland and boring snooze cat below. Siamese cats give and expect to receive. All the time.

A Siamese kitten especially Siamese Cat Calendar has an easy care coat so no long and expensive visits to the beauty salon required. Others even appreciate having their nails done - a 'caticure of sorts'. You can even buy claw covers in some fun designer colors, great for the interior Siamese and to safeguard your furniture.

Siamese are beautiful and a pleasure to watch. Certainly better than watching Television. This cat knows it's special and it is happy to bestow some of its' special aura on a special individual. Your Siamese will love to keep you company. And keep you company. And again. The Siamese cat or cat enjoys heat more than many cats, preferably in your bed if they get half of a chance.

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