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Let's return back ever sold for a touch and track the origin of the Siamese from whence it became proven to the developed world upto contemporary times. Back the late 1700's in southern Italy, some pictures of a pet with Siamese tattoos was observed by way of a male named Mr. Pallas, but it was not before the late 1800's that anything could be documented.

In 1884 a British-Consulgeneral was presented with Siamese cat or Siamese Cats Kittens For Sale by the Siamese double as a parting gift. This is deemed a great gift since the pet had been bred in the royal palace.

The Siamese cats at that time had kinks inside their tails, which really is a history I will inform you later.

This pet had kittens, that your then retired Consulgeneral gave to his sister, Mrs. Lillian Velvey.
She inserted them in the 17th Crystal Palace Cat Show in England on October 1885. The cats were thus amazing which they were photographed and quickly became a well liked and in 1902 England produced the first Siamese cat fancier's team.

No one is definite if the first Siamese appeared in the USA, in April 1909 the first Siamese Cat Community of America was formed.

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