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People of all walks of life like Persian cats and wish to have one as a pet. Most Persian cats especially Tea Cup Persian Cat have thick applications of fur and are wonderful to cuddle with. If you wish to discover that perfect little one that one may love and adore, then the best place to goto would be a Persian Breeder or a Persian Cattery.

Persian Breeders are people and corporations that breed and boost Persian cats for a living. These people generally breed with the best and most healthy Persian cats. They dedicate their time and effort into raising lovely, healthy Persian cats that are registered with CFA or similar links. As with any type of business -- for Persian Breeding can be a business -- you will find both respected and misleading Breeders. Those of a respected standard will be able to show you proof of where the cats came from, parents of kittens and the necessary documentation for their cats. If you find yourself conversing with someone less respected or outright misleading then it is best to contact your local authorities.

The difference between a Persian Breeder and a Persian Cattery is that a Persian Cattery breeds and raises their Persian cats for their own profit as much as for the customer seeking a Persian kitten. There are many reputable catteries and they also have many different ambitions. Some Persian Catteries breed their cats for the major purpose of having the perfect show cats. Many Persian catteries do not breed their cats for the purpose of delivering pets for families but rather for the purpose of having the best and most lovely show cats.

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