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Known for its sweet pansy face and long thick coat of hair the Persian cat especially Teacup Persian Cat Breeders is one of the most popular breed of cats out there. They stand upon short legs and have a well toned muscular body inside the fluffy coat. Persian cats have a dazzling set of big and bright eyes which makes cat lovers fall in love with this exotic breed.

While all Persian cats are considered special, it's inevitable that some particular breeds are more exclusive than others. The desirability of a Persian will generally depend upon the color of its coat, eyes or both. What follows is an overview of many of the most rare breeds of Persian cats:

The brilliant white is perhaps the most popular variety of this exotic cat. Solid colored Persians are greatly valued. The long white hair coupled with pink nose leather and paw pads afford the white Persian a regal appearance. Coupled with its deep blue or copper colored set of eyes the white Persian tops the solid color division list as the most exotic cat.

Copper eyes are also to be found on brown Persian. This specific breed parades a wonderfully dark tone that affords it an air of mystique. Unlike many other breeds brown Persians commonly have a complementary brown colored mouth. It is the red paws and nose leather that bring out a wonderful contrast between the bright and dark in this particular breed.

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